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International Meat Programs



About Us

Our product development team works to develop new products that meet individual market needs and preferences, including dual-language packaging, localized seasoning and flavor preferences, certified processing to meet religious and local government standards, and portions prepared using local weights and measures.

From its simple beginnings in 1935, Tyson Foods has become the world's largest processor and marketer of beef, pork, and chicken. Since 1987, our international business has grown to include valued customers in more than
80 countries. We began by simply exporting commodity products and while
we still provide high-quality commodity products, many of our international products are specialty and prepared items tailored to local market needs. 

The ibp Trusted Excellence brand is committed to continuous improvement. Please let us know how we can better serve your needs in the world marketplace.

The ibp Trusted Excellence brand delivers over five billion pounds of boxed beef and pork to customers around the world every year.

Our Objectives

Be our customers'
"Go-To Supplier"

  • Create innovative and insight-driven food solutions
  • Help our customers succeed

Be the "Best in Class"
protein manufacturer

  • Optimize commodity businesses
  • Drive efficiencies; markets do not allow inefficiencies to be passed along

Be a multinational enterprise

  • Mexico, Brazil, China, India
  • Worldwide sales offices

Upgrade raw materials

  • Commercialize opportunities such as renewable energy from fat
  • Develop other technologically-advanced platforms from materials such as feathers
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